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Tales of Heilotia


by Felisibia at Trippypalms Studio on August 18, 2016

Information and updates

Tales of Heilotia Alpha look on last boss !

Tales of Heilotia Alpha look on boss Venefica !

What will be Tales of Heilotia ?

by Felisibia at Trippypalms Studio on August 18, 2016

Tales of Heilotia will be an Offline Open World RPG / Survival (Windows / MAC ) game set in medieval period where you will be able to experience dynamic and intensive gameplay trough dungeons, discover magical world, craft and obtain different sets of gear, and change story by making your own destiny.

You will play as mage called Amareteus. Choice is yours - Follow your love and save your wife, discover powerful treasures or fight great evil. Whatever you choose to do, remember - you make your own destiny !

P.S. Environment is open world type so your not bound to quests. In my opinion you as a player can get most out of it by pure exploration.

So lets take a look on some of the ideas :

- Day and Night cycle ( you probably should use night for activities that doesn't involve combat - like crafting )

- Action based combat system ( hot - key system with manual aim )

- Survival game elements( Hunger - over time you get hungry so for example, before long trip make sure you have food with you )

- Open world environment (no cut - scenes)

- World responds to your actions - you make your own destiny ( For example if you start quest and don't finish it - Destiny system will act differently from case if you finish it. In that way your decisions impact story.

- Light rendering in real time


There is 2 types of death. Sub - death and Permanent death. When you experience Sub - death you don't loose progress made in game but you loose Spirit power. When you have lost all your Spirit power - Its Permanent death. You loose all progress made in game. Featured idea - Multiplayer version will come if there is demand for it.

I want to create dynamic and intensive gameplay.

Who I am ?

by Felisibia at Trippypalms Studio on August 19, 2016

My name is Aivars. I come from small country called Latvia. I`m passionate about video games and art. I live in UK and I have crappy internet connection but lot of passion. I have many ideas about future of this game. Like multiplayer version. My dream is to make income by making video games. Hopefully this was useful for you guys. Please contact me if you are interested to have a chat.

Tales of Heilotia Lore

by Felisibia at Trippypalms Studio on August 25, 2016

3 years ago king Domus tried to slave his people because he wasn't happy how much gold and food they gave to him and his army despite fact, that they worked day and night to keep gold coming and to have food for themselves and his army. He went to North Sekandria and people there stood against his wishes and civil war started. After killing people and destroying North Sekandria he went to South Sekandria. Powerful wizard named Amareteus was the one who stood against king and challenged him to duel. King refused and fighting started. Almost all people of Sekandria died in that civil war. Amareteus, his wife Heilotia and couple other's survived. King lost his army and was told "not to come back".

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